UChicago campus grid

The University of Chicago architects and physical plant staff refer to campus buildings and hospital corridors with building codes. (These are not the building abbreviations used on course listings or on most campus maps.) At the bottom of this page I have reproduced the table of building codes used in the IT Services Network Jack Service Request form (with some misspellings and inconsistencies corrected). The building codes are a letter followed by a two- or three-digit number. Since adjacent buildings have the same prefix letter, I figured that the letters must refer to a campus grid. I actually found and scanned a map showing this campus grid (high resolution version here).

campus grid map

Grid squares A through I snake across campus. Grid square A includes the hospital and science quad buildings. Grid square B includes Ratner, the BSLC, and the Research Institutes. Grid square C includes Pierce, adjacent administrative buildings, Max Palevsky, and the Regenstein Library. Grid square D includes the main quad and the buildings immediately east. Grid square E includes the Booth School of Business, the lab schools, and Breckenridge. Grid squares F - I include buildings south of the Midway. Several building codes don't seem to refer to grid squares at all; for instance, three X codes are downtown, one's on 55th St., and the rest are at the University Hospitals! Mysteriously, the University seems to have a network jack at the 60th St. Metra tracks. Email me at william.m.vaughan at gmail.com if you have any information about building codes or the campus grid.

CodeBuilding name
A06John Crerar Library
A07Kersten Physics Teaching Ctr.
A08Hinds Laboratory
A09Student Mental Health
A10Rubloff I.C.U. Tower
A11Kovler Laboratories
A12Ingleside Hall
A13University Bookstore
A14Surgery Brain Research (J)
A15Abbott Memorial Hall (AB)
A16Peck Pavilion (N)
A17Wyler Childrens Hospital (C)
A18Armour Clinical Research (E)
A19Franklin Mclean Inst (I)
A20Goldblatt Memorial Hosp. G
A21Hicks Mc Elwee Hospital (O)
A22Carlson Animal Research (J0)
A23Billings Hospital (A-M-P-S)
A24Bob Roberts Hospital (B)
A25Gilman Smith Hospital (W)
A26Goldblatt Pavilion (H)
A27Chicago Lying-In Hosp. (L-R)
A46Psychiatry Annex
A62Cummings Life Science
A70Parking Structure
A71Bernard Mitchell Hosp-Corr
A72M.R.I. Facility (Q)
A84American School
A87Comer Childrens Hospital
B02High Energy Physics
B03Accelerator Building
B04Astronomy & Astrophysics Ctr.
B06Low Temperature Lab.
B07Research Institutes
B08Research Inst. Annex (Allee Lab)
B275633 S Maryland
B29Garage - Gas Station
B34Stagg Field Building
B355545 Ingleside Ave.
B36BSD Learning Center
B375634-49 Cottage Grove
B78Ratner Athletic Center
B805632 1/2 Maryland
B98Knapp Center Kcbd
C01Pierce Hall
C02Crown Field House
C03Regenstein Library
C04Bartlett Gym
C05Young Memorial Building
C13Smart Museum
C14Cochrane-Woods Art Ctr.
C15Court Theatre
C24Fenn House
C25Mansueto Library
C30Hyde Park Union Church
C31Parking Structure
C32Palevsky (West) Dorm
C33Palevsky (Central) Dorm
C34Palevsky East Dorm
C37Disciples Divinity House
D01Quadrangle Club
D02Mitchell Tower
D03Reynolds Clubhouse
D04Hutchinson Hall
D07Hitchcock Hall
D08Snell Hall
D09Searle Chemistry Lab
D10Culver Hall
D11Erman Biology Ctr.
D12Mandel Hall
D15Nursery School I
D16Eckhart Hall
D17Ryerson Laboratory
D18Kent Chemical Lab
D19Jones Laboratory
D20Administration Building
D21Cobb Lecture Hall
D23Swift Hall
D24Rosenwald Hall
D25Walker Hall
D26Oriental Inst. (Breasted Hall)
D29Rockefeller Chapel
D31President's House
D32Beecher Hall
D33Green Hall
D34Kelly Hall
D35Foster Hall
D36Social Science Research
D37Stuart Hall
D38Harper Memorial Library
D39Haskell Hall
D40Wieboldt Hall
D41Classics Building
D42Goodspeed Hall
D43Gates Hall
D44Blake Hall
D45Press Journals
D46Human Development
D47Human Development Office
D48Student Counseling Center
D49Nursery School II
D53Pick Hall
D54Spec Events & University Publication
D69Chicago Theological Seminary
E01Robie House
E05Lillie House
E06Sunny Gym
E07Belfield Hall
E09Ida Noyes Hall
E10Judd Hall
E11University High School
E12Blaine Hall
E13International House
E18Blackstone Hall
E20Wilder House
E21Breckinridge House
E245700 Stony Island
E29Lab School (Middle)
E41Kolver Gymnasium
E44Graduate School Of Business
F02Steam Plant
F03Engineers Office/Steam Plant
F12New Press Building
F15South Campus Chiller Plant
G01Orthogenics School
G02Merriam Center
G03New Graduate Residence Hall
G04Mott Building
G10Bulletin Of Atomic Science
G306045 Kenwood Ibt
H011155 Building
H02Law Quadrangle
H03Burton-Judson Court
H09South Campus Residence Hall
H10SCRH - Dining Hall
I01Social Service Administration
I02Midway Studio
I03Faculty Apartments
I04Edelstone Center
I12REO Shop Building
I13Social Service Center (WMCHC)
I28Drexel Parking Structure
I29Drexel Parking Structure Office Space
I31Logan Art Center Dlac
K06Printing Plant
L10Maclean House
L11Friends (Pritzker)
L225440 Drexel
M03REO - Dorchester Accounting Office
M09Gaylord Apartments REO Office
M21Kidney Dialysis
M22Hyde Park Bank Building
N061525 E. 55th
N10Windermere Health Center
N11University Service Building
N12Alumni Center
P01Press Langley
S06Darien Finance (UGP-32)
S10Bolingbrook Physicians (UGP-32)
X18Gleacher Center
X535634 1/2 Maryland
X65Cancer Leukemia Group B
X69Dialysis Center
X70Senior Health Center
X71Darien Data Center (UGP-32)
X78Obstetrics and Gynecology
X81Prudential Building
X82Equitable Building 401 N. Michigan
Z0160th and Metra Tracks
Z02Midway Plaisance
Z10Moses Center

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