"An Intellectual Drink, For The Chosen Ones": Dr Pepper in "Steins;Gate"

I found Gary Beene's Pepsi fansite looking for information on random dot autostereograms. I disagree with Beene, however: Pepsi is not "the best possible taste experience" available in a common American dark-colored pop.(I would call "pop" "soda", but etymologically "pop" seems more general.) That would be Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper has been established as the drink of choice for the intelligent person in the 2009 OVA "Summer Wars" and the 2011 anime adaptation of the visual novel "Steins;Gate". Here are some pictures of the main character of "Steins;Gate" and his assistant enjoying Dr Pepper.

Hi, Steins;Gate fans. I'm getting much more traffic to this page than I anticipated, probably because the Steins;Gate anime is so good. I enjoyed it so much I read the visual novel with a machine translator. It's probably the best visual novel I've ever read, especially Chapters 6 and 11. I've included two visual novel CGs with Dr Pepper and one of Suzuha, my favorite character. I wonder how the anime will turn out: the structure of Steins;Gate is like ({[!!!]})!!, but they've already swapped the left ( and { and made another important change.

Dr Pepper next to phone microwave Here you go. You really do like Dr Pepper, Okarin! It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones. *Kurisu drinking Dr Pepper* You like Dr Pepper, assistant? I'd love to drink with you sometime... Unfortunately, I'm a minor. I meant someone to drink Dr Pepper with. Just that? We can share in the intellectual experience that is Dr Pepper...
SuzuhaDr Pepper